A family getaway

A family getaway

We really started the New Year off with a bang!

Dave likes to take some time off in January and this year is no different.  He thought that we all needed a little holiday.  I was certainly in agreement!   Looking after young kids can really take it out of you, but I am very blessed to be a stay-at-home Mom.  I really would not change it for the world.

Road trip!

Dave found a great place right on the coast where we could go.  It was a stunning beach cottage, nestled between some sand dunes and about 50 metres from the sea.  The only problem – it was 600 kilometres away!  I was worried that it might be a little far to go for a road trip but Dave convinced me that we all would be fine. I wasn’t sure spending 7 to 8 hours in a car with the kids was a great idea but I could see Dave had his heart set on it.

The trip will also be the maiden voyage of my new travel wallet that I recently purchased.  Ok, so it’s not strictly for a trip like this, but it will come in handy when I fly to the U.S. for my sister’s wedding in June.   It’s really a clever thing; it has storage for all your important travel documents, tickets and money.


Dave’s great plan

So the day of the big road trip arrived!  Dave came up with a brilliant plan.  To minimise the possibility of four screaming children, we started out at 1am in the morning.  We transferred the sleeping kids and Toby the dog and off we went.  With the kids asleep, the first part of the journey went very well.  We took it nice and slowly and by the time the kids woke up, we only had around 200 kilometres to go to our destination.

Of course our little darlings woke up starving and I was as well.  I had prepared thoroughly by packing a small picnic basket and our picnic rug.  We stopped at a beautiful shaded area on the side of the road, purposely built for a picnic.  We sat down and ate our cheese, fruits and crackers.  The kids loved the early morning breakfast and so did Toby as he was fed crackers by everyone.  He eventually fell asleep again on the picnic blanket, with a full tummy no doubt!


We covered the remaining 200 kilometres to the beach house fairly quickly.  It was really a magnificent setting; the pictures we saw online really didn’t do it any justice.  We spent a great time there, fishing, swimming, hanging out with the kids and relaxing.  It was exactly the getaway we needed and our time there passed far too quickly!