Finding the Ideal Gift for a Picky Husband

So Dave’s birthday is fast approaching and I am stressing out! With four small kids, Dave helps out around the house all the time so he really doesn’t have time for a hobby. This makes it so difficult to buy a gift for him.

This year though, I think I might have found the perfect present for him! I am sure he will love it! Dave is big music fan and he has collected around 100 old records over the years. The only problem is that he cannot listen to them. I might just have had something to do with that! You see, I sold his record player in a yard sale just before we moved out of our old house. Dave wasn’t impressed, but I packed the records away out of sight and he has forgotten about them (I think).

Time for me to make amends for my poor decision in selling his record player and become a heroine in his eyes!

Of course I started online in my research. I want to make sure I get the perfect record player for Dave.

Types of records players available online

I didn’t realise there were so many record players available. There are a few things that you should note of when looking to buy one.


Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable - Orange-LEFT 11. USB vs. Non USB

Did you know that a record player could plug into your PC or laptop? If you buy a record player that has a USB connector you can actually convert your records into MP3’s.

I think Dave would really appreciate being able to have his old records on his phone or even playing on the car stereo.

2. Price Range

The prices on record players vary… a whole lot! I don’t think I need to get anything too expensive for Dave. His music always sounds like someone is about to fight… using guitars and drums as weapons. A mid range priced record player should be fine!

3. Manual vs. Automatic

At first I wondered why the record player had gears. After some research I found it that a manual record player means you have to move the arm and put the needle on the record. An automatic one does this all by itself.

I think Dave would prefer a manual one. Our last one was like that. It puts you in charge, Dave will like that!

4. Style

Record players come in a variety of styles. I am leaning towards a more retro look, in the same kind of style that Dave’s old record player was.

5. Replacement parts

With small kids in the house, you can be sure that something will be misplaced, broken or possibly both! Replacement parts will have to be available for the record player I choose and of course I want to order them online! You might at some point need to replace the stylus, needle, the arm, drive system or the rubber mat.

So I have a fair idea of what record player I want to get for Dave for his birthday. I am leaning towards a retro style, manual, USB compatible player. I really think Dave will love it, and just maybe he will forgive me for getting rid of his old one!