How Young is Too Young for Bunk Beds?

bunk bedsSo as you can imagine, with four kids in a three bedroom house, space is at a premium.

Dave suggested that one way to help with creating space in the twin’s room would be to get bunk beds. I think this is a perfect idea, especially as they are now three years old and outgrowing their toddler beds fast! Twins should have bunk beds right? It is a rite of passage! I instantly jumped online to see what our options were and found this site that sells kids bunk beds. I was hooked!

Growing up, my sister and I had bunk beds and we loved them, although I am not sure my mom was as keen as we were. We would always fight about who would sleep on the top bunk and this drove mom mad. Eventually she made us take turns on the top bunk. Later, as we grew older, we wanted our own rooms and we no longer wanted bunk beds. I suppose our new found interest in boys might have being the cause for that!

Although I do think they are a good space saver, I do have concerns about bunk beds, especially as I have childhood memories of falling off my own a few times. I wonder if the twins are just too young. I decided to do some research online about the best age to put children into bunk beds.

Bunk bed safety

It seems like kids should only be really using bunk bed from the ages of six and up. I can see the logic in that. I think children, especially boys will always want to play and climb on the bunk beds, so they need to be slightly older and able to understand some ground rules before you consider using bunk beds as a sleeping and space saving solution.

bunk bedI found a few smaller, mid-height bunk beds, so as the twins get older we will definitely look into that as an option. I think as they grow and their personalities come out more, we should be able to see if they are suitable for bunk beds, or if we will have to make them run around with helmets on! The latter option might be in our future! Boys will be boys!

When we eventually buy bunk bed for the twins we will consider the following.

    • Place bunk beds in the safest area of the room

Placing bunk beds in corners is of utmost importance. This will only give the twins one access point and the walls will add support.

    • Make sure the bunk beds have railings

Railings are a perfect way to stop a child from rolling out of bed. Both twins are very restless sleepers, so protective railings are a must.

    • Rules, rules and rules

Most information I have found online stressed the importance of having a set of rules for your children and their bunk beds. No climbing, jumping or fighting, in fact, NO ANTHING other than sleeping on the bunk beds. Let’s hope the twins listen and follow the rules!

bunk bed
So at this point bunk beds are not an option, but we will be looking at them when the twins are slightly older.