About Us

Hi! I’m Cathy. Welcome to my blog!

Mum with 3 kidsBack in my pre-kids days I was a marketing executive at a high flying online shopping company. I loved my job and I loved working in a high paced and intense environment!

When I was pregnant with my first I was adamant that my life wouldn’t change much. I had planned to be back at work after three months and I was fine with the idea that my kid would be a ‘childcare’ kid. I remember thinking… this little person will just have to fit into our existing life. I didn’t want to become obsessed with my kids like so many people do.

Well… wasn’t I in for a shock! Three months in and I realised there was no WAY I was simply dropping my baby off at childcare and going back to work. I didn’t want to miss out on all those precious moments while he was young and I didn’t want someone else to see him take his first step or say his first word.

After some tactical financial and logistical management, hubby and I found a way to live off one salary until our little family had time to find its way. After babies number 2 and 3  (yes… twins!) and then 4 (yikes!) we realised that those early years are so important and so we decided that I would stay at home with the kids until the youngest was old enough to go to prep. We might not have as much money but we realised that life is not always all about money.

So… now as a ‘Professional Mum’ I am busy keeping our household in working order and trying to create as best a home as I can for our kids. I want our home to be a place where they love to be and a place where we can create lots of happy family memories together.

So this blog is about my journey to create the perfect home. As a ‘Professional Mum’ I am responsible for the large majority of the purchasing decisions for our house. Because we now have 4 under 5… going to the shops like I used to is no longer an option for me. If you have ever tried this and succeeded, I applaud you! For me, it’s just not worth the hassle so I do all my shopping online. I am surprised by just how much you can buy online these days. From groceries to outdoor furniture to kids beds!

No longer will I be trawling through the shops trying to find the perfect product with 4 young kids miserably traipsing after me. Nope! You will find me sitting at my computer and expertly comparing products to find exactly what my family needs.

In this blog I’ll share some tips and tricks I’ve developed when shopping online to create the perfect family home for my litte family.